Hi! I'm Rhonda, the creator of Savor Time & Tradition. I am a busy, midlife mom to two grown kiddos and a health care provider (32 years now). If you’re a mom, you know how important family time is. If you’re a working mom, you also know how easy it is to neglect your own self-care and place important time with friends and family on the back burner. 

For a long time, I avoided dealing with the grief that often comes with being an Empty Nester. I struggled to figure out what I should be focused on now that my kids are adulting. I was devastated to think that my 'mom' days were over. News flash... they aren't!  Along my journey as a midlife mom, I have discovered the importance of self-care. Part of that self-care includes continuing to prioritize relationships with my adult children, my spouse, and friends.

Recent events have given me an even clearer awareness of how important it is to invest in others and to GATHER our people... be in the same space, share meals together, engage in conversation, encourage each other, have fun, and make memories. Celebrating with our people in everyday ways, gives us purpose. It serves as a reminder that we are both loved and needed. It allows us to invest in others and to invest in ourselves.

I don't know about you, but here in the South, gathering with people also means serving good food. Now, my culinary skills aren't terrible, but I'm no Martha Stewart! My quest to simplify life combined with my drive to research EVERYTHING has given me the skills to find and use easy and convenient shortcuts to serve up delicious eats for my friends and family to enjoy.

Here at Savor Time & Tradition, I believe that the tradition of getting together with your favorite people doesn't have to be associated with a national holiday and it doesn't have to be fancy or over the top, it just needs to happen! I am here to help by offering high quality, seasonal products and ideas that inspire you to bring the people you love around your table so you can savor the time you have together.   

So, whether it’s with family in the traditional sense or the family you’ve found along the way, Savor Time & Tradition exists to encourage and support you in taking moments for yourself and making memories with your people.

Check out my flagship product, the Savor Time & Tradition Subscription Box... a monthly gift box of seasonally themed, high quality pantry, hospitality and self-care products, curated to inspire and bring joy to your gatherings.